Oil & Gas

Royalty Acquisitions

How We Value

Every evaluation of an oil and gas interest that we conduct takes into account a multitude of factors. Some of these factors are:

Valuation Process

  1. Historical Production
  2. Reservoir Analysis
  3. Operator Reputation
  4. Commodity Price Risk
  5. Future Drilling Potential

Our evaluation process first starts with the historical production of the well (or wells). Our computer servers contain massive amounts of historical production data for wells from across the country. Every oil and gas well has a rate of decline that we analyze and extrapolate into the future using sophisticated oil & gas engineering. We also analyze the capacity of the reservoir to continue to produce for an extended period.

Operator reputation is also very important to us. Many operators are more efficient and experienced than others, and can consistently produce stable results. We also find royalties with future drilling potential attractive as well. The risk of large commodity price swings is also taken into account in all of our evaluations.